About Us

🌸What is Slim Coquette?

Slim Coquette is a shapewear store created to reach women of all forms, shapes, and sizes and provide them with the best option for their needs. At Slim Coquette  you can find a carefully hand-picked selection of body shapers to look and feel sexy, slimmer, hide or enhance your attributes and build that extra confidence. And whether you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans or your better cocktail dress, comfort is the ultimate goal! 

And because the modern woman has so many roles, we present a wide range of different shapewear, so you can choose the one that better fits you, not only to your silhouette but in your life.  

🌸Why Slim Coquette?

Founded by two friends, a man - father of three boys - and a woman with some confidence issues about her body - as for 99.5% of women worldwide - the goal was to create a store with products that helped women to feel more confident with their bodies while promoting women empowerment and body positivity. Shapewear seemed a natural choice.
Why? Because, there are some days that we need extra help to feel (more) beautiful and powerful, and there's nothing wrong about that. Men have those days too, did you know? And according to reliable sources, of both men and women, there's nothing prettier than a confident woman.
So, we are here for you, no matter the size or shape you have. We can adapt you, it's a promise :)
Embrace your optimal shape and be part of our #SlimCoquetteClub community, where you can share with other women how your confidence helped you conquer the world!