Are you calling me fat?

When we start our business, we asked our female friends to try it on and ask for their honest feedback. In almost 100% of the cases, the immediate comment was: "ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?!". 

So, we thought of writing this article not only because we also consider you our friend, but also maybe this is a prejudice that you also have. So, NO. We don't think you're fat and shapewear is NOT exclusively for fat women. Shapewear is for all women, of all body shapes, of all forms. By the way, do you know that shapewear for men exists? (We'll save that matter for another article).

Also, shapewear can be also used on thin women to improve their silhouette. Not everyone was born with an hourglass shape body.

A bodysuit, a corset or a girdle will help you enhance your attributes, giving you an immediate hourglass figure no matter which size you are! With a plus that makes you feel more confident in that little black dress, you've been too afraid to wear. 

So, why don't you want to wear something that will make you look and feel good?

It's time to embrace your shape and show the best of you. And we're not talking about your physique. Feeling good and confident in your clothes will reflect on your smile and happiness as well.

Leave your comfort zone, put all prejudices behind, and try on new things! You can thank us later :) 

Slim Coquette's team. 


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