The neverending story of the super diet.

The super diet promises that you can lose weight eating all you want and while you sleep. 

This diet is never the same, each year has a new "study" supporting it and sells like crazy right before Summer. 

Who among us hasn't given a few (a lot!) of bucks for a miraculous diet like this? But this diet doesn't teach you how to eat properly, it won't change your eating habits. On the contrary, the motto is: "eat as before and lose weight."

That doesn't seem very healthy and life-changing - doest it? And it doesn't seem like a diet, it just seems expensive. 

This kind of company or brand feeds itself people's nutritional misinformation, lack of self-esteem, and uses models to promote a slim "ideal" body - "if you take this miraculous pill, you'll look like that." 

That's BS! You'll never look like that model (is not about you, no one will), and in the meantime, you spent your saved money in a bunch of pills and protein powder that in nothing will benefit you. You'll continue to eat your problems, take pills that don't work and you'll buy it again next year because the formula "has been improved".

Instead of taking pills, we educate people to eat better, to gain consciousness of what we put in your body and it's consequences, in weight and health?  

Tell your husband or wife, your kids, your friends. If it's impossible to change your eating habits alone, call them and ask for them to join you! 

And there's nothing wrong in wanting to change something in our bodies. Body positivity is embracing our bodies as they are without letting it affect your health and mind.  

Educate yourself and give your kids this valuable lesson: We're not comparable, each body is unique and health comes first. Stop the neverending story of the super diet. 

 The Coquette Team.


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