How can we recycle the clothes we don't want anymore?

The issue has never been so discussed. Nowadays people are more aware of the impact that even the smallest action can do to the environment: open a tap of water, drinking with a straw, using plastic bags for groceries is just a few examples of daily actions that didn't get much attention a few years back. 

With the climatic changes, came an imposed adaptation of our routines and 'recycle' a life keyword! 

In a consumerist society such as ours, fashion is the #1 industry in the World and continues growing, resulting in a huge impact on the environment. From the air and water pollution to the excessive quantity of clothes (due to mass production at small prices), ultimately it translates into waste. 

Landfills are now full of unwearable clothes and even the ones we donate to poor countries don't know what to do with so many clothes and have to destroy it. So what can we do to minimize this huge footprint? 

We leave you some ideas:

  • Give them to friends (if the clothes are still wearable, of course) and start a friendship movement! 
  • Cut into squares and transform that old t-shirt into dust cloths.
  • Reuse the fabric for carnival outfits or wigs.
  • Patchwork - make a unique front doormat, a bathroom carpet, or a new pet bed.
  • Protect your car or books with a new state of the art cover!
  • New outfits for your daughter's dolls.
  • Use fun or sexy patches to mend holes in your old jeans.

Do you have other strategies or inputs? Please share it with us. Let's work together to save our Planet-A. 

Slim Coquette team.  

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