What are the benefits of wearing maternity shapewear?

Do you ever wonder why pregnants needed to wear shapewear? We tried to resume all benefits for you.

During pregnancy, everything changes, sometimes women don't even recognize their bodies through those months (or years after!). And let's be honest, not every woman loves the idea of being pregnant. So every help is welcome. 

With so many transformations, both physical and psychological, It's important to look at the mirror and like what you see. So, the right shapewear can be a little piece of heaven for those months to come.

What Maternity Shapewear should be: 

Look for Maternity Shapewear specifically made for moms-to-be. It must add support to your back and baby bump through the full term. With the plus of the main features of regular shapewear: make you look slimmer and smooth the silhouette. 

As the pregnancy goes along, it's normal to feel backaches or discomfort on the lower back or pressure below the belly. With proper shapewear on, you'll feel more relief on the areas that need to support more weight, and the fabric constriction will remember you too keep a straight spine. 

Talking about constriction, you must choose a high elastic capacity fabric with the proper firm-level so it can never be uncomfortable. Remember that the first goal of pregnancy shapewear is to relieve the pressure on your lower back and belly. Looking and feeling good in every kind of clothes is a (guaranteed) plus! But this is not the time to "suffer to feel sexy", it's all about comfort for you and the baby. 

Usually, the regular maternity shapewear is shorts or leggings and goes up below the chest area, it gives more body uniformity and adapts easily to almost any type of clothes. This way, you'll be able to wear them (invisibly) under jeans or a loose shirt. You can also wear skirts or dresses freely without being afraid of touching the inner thighs (ouch!). 

Despite the focus on supporting the core, the maternity shapewear will also shape your rear and thighs. So, probably you'll be wearing your regular non-pregs clothes for a long (money saver!). 

Please, always select proper Maternity Shapewear. It has to be prepared to grow with you, to be comfortable, made with soft, light, and breathable fabric. 

To feel more secure, ask your doctor first. He'll be able to advise you about the best features you need to look in shapewear, that would fit your necessities and body type. 

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