Is it safe to buy underwear online?

The world is getting more and more connected and hi-tech, that's a fact. Online sales are increasing year by year mainly because of its commodity.

However, one thing that keeps the more skeptics away is the lack of touch and not being able to try it on. And that's normal, we tend to trust in things that we can see, touch, smell. 

What we can see is that there are some things that we buy online with extreme confidence, but there are other ones that we just need a little more time. 

The fashion industry is continuously growing - either online or in traditional stores - clothes and accessories are for years now the number one best-selling category. But is that true for the underwear segment? 


The thing is that underwear, undergarments, or shapewear are... intimate. So, sometimes attached with "the fear of the unknown" there's the "what if it doesn't fit"? Or, "I'm not wearing something that God knows where!". 

However, all these doubts have a simple answer behind. And after you gain confidence in purchasing these kinds of products online, that will open a door that will never get closed again. Trust us. 

So, let's clarify in the simpler way possible:

If it doesn't fit - return it and ask your money back. Or better, you can offer it a friend - we have another blog post about that :)

If it has a defect - take a picture and ask your money back. 

There's no problem with trying on underwear that came abroad? You just need to adopt the same care that you have in a regular store. Try the undergarment over your underwear and if everything's ok, give it a wash before you put it in contact with your skin. 

You try it on but don't like it? Again, return and ask for your money back. 

Do you have any more doubts about ordering online? Send us your questions to 


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