2020 Wishes

During the past month or so we shared with you (via Instagram) our wishes for 2020.  

But just to make sure that we're aligned for the next year, our wishes, desires and goals, we'll resume them for you :) 

Here are our 10 wishes for 2020:

Wish #1 - Read more! Next year we're diving into the classics!
Have you made your list? ✨

Wish #2 - eat better!
Next year we're going to eat more biological and in-season products 🍅🥑🍇 What about you? Share your wishes for inspiration or recipes!😊

Wish #3 - travel more!
Next year we're packing up our bags to see the world. First stop, Morocco. Are you making plans for next year's travel?

Wish #4 - find a training partner!
Next year we are focused on seeking motivation to move our body. And the strategy is simple: make exercise time a fun time 😁 💪💪 What's your strategy?

Wish #5 - find a new hobby!
Next year we're going to make an effort to learn a new skill to pass time and relax. Photography, cooking or sewing 😁

Wish #6 - socialize more!
Next year we're making an effort to hang out with old friends and making new ones 🥰

Wish #7 - take care of mind & body.
Feeling good about ourselves is not just a matter of what we see in the mirror. We need to find the balance of what we see and what normally we don't show or even tend to hide: emotions.
So... what about a yoga retreat to organize thoughts? 🧘‍♀️ 

Wish #8 - Be grateful for the smallest thing and never take anything for granted.

Wish #9 - From now on we are saying yes to new adventures and stepping out of our comfort zone!

Wish #10 - May we find true love or reaffirm our commitment 💕

Have you finished your list? No pressure, we're sure this will be the year of our lives! 


Slim Coquette's Team

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