What Should I Wear?

Many of us girls have the same HUMONGOUS problem every single morning: "What should I wear?"! And inevitably starts long monologues that slowly decrease self-esteem. 

"This pair of jeans has a low waist" - Out! 

"This skirt is too short" - "OMG! Is this cellulite?!"

"This blouse is too revealing" - "When did my arms get so fat?" 

If this is (also) your case, it is not surprising that we leave the house with our head down and feeling insecure. 

"STOP THAT!" This is what we all need to say ourselves while looking at the mirror. Don't let yourself be the person that ruins your day. Nobody should have that power, not even you! 

The thing is, 90% of women struggle with body image issues. So isn't it better to deal with it, embrace it and accept that this is normal? Your tummy, love handles, muffin tops, saggy cleavage tells a story. It's your story!

So, if it isn't injurious to your health and you're constantly martyrizing for something you can't do anything about (at a non-invasive level), we have a piece of advice for you:

Choose clothes that enhance your best attributes. Take control of your emotions and make others look for what you have best: curves, cleavage, bottom, legs, waist. And you'll see that the perception of others about you will change after you accept yourself. 


Slim Coquette Team.

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