What are the benefits of using Compression Leggings?

Compression leggings are often used in Sports and Medicine. However, its benefits became rapidly known and its use became wider among everyone. 

 In Sports, studies, and tests report that when an athlete uses compression clothing, there's a better blood redistribution and improvement of microcirculation, which consequently delays acid lactic production, giving place to blood full of oxygen. This translates into more efficient exercise and a quick recovery from sore muscles or injuries. 

In the Medicine department, compression leggings are used in varicose veins surgery recovery, when it's necessary to rehabilitate the leg blood flow. And it can also be recommended by doctors for patients to use them to help the blood flow during long time plane travels, to prevent the risk of stroke. 
But, it's not necessary being throughout surgery or being a top athlete to feel tired or sored legs. Nowadays, it's so difficult to maintain a balance in our lives. We tend to travel too much, be seated too much, standing too much. And, consequently, those daily gestures have a huge impact on the health of our legs. 
By using compression leggings during the day (or even in your sleep for recovery), that compression will make the muscle vibrate less which leads to less muscular fatigue. 
But that's not all. Here are the primary benefits of compression leggings:
  • Increase blood oxygenation - your legs will feel less tired at the end of the day; 
  • Improves corporal perception - your body will allocate the right muscle to do the correct movement; 
  • Offers comfort and flexibility - you can walk, run, exercise, or just wear them all day long without affecting your movements. 
  • Improves your performance - less fatigue, more energy; 
  • Helps on muscular recuperation - through better oxygenation of the muscles. 
Also, by improving your blood circulation, it would be easier to rid off the cellulite bumps that can be also painful. But take notice that compression leggings or any other leggings or compression clothes don't perform miracles! You need to be more active, take at least a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, eat healthily, and drink more water. With all these little (huge) actions combined your body will thank you in the best way possible: becoming healthier and prettier. 
Note: Before any life-changing habits, please consult your doctor for better and individualized instructions. 
Slim Coquette's Team.

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