How can I wash my new shapewear?

One of the recurrent questions that arrive at Slim Coquette's email from our customers is: "How can I wash my new shapewear?"

This is such an important topic, that we decided that this would be our first blog entry! :D 

First of all, as any piece of clothing just purchased, you need to wash it before wearing it (and after you checked that everything is ok and you don't need to return). This simple gesture prevents a lot of skin allergies, believe us. Remember that your new fashion accessory made an entire trip just to get to you, it deserves a nice bath. Don't you think?  

Second, you need to see your new bodysuit, waist cincher, or shape shorts as an undergarment. Because it is. It's a delicate piece of clothing, it will be in direct contact with your skin for hours (including sensible areas).

As you can see, it's very important to take care of your new shapewear, not only for the reasons above but also, to ensure that it lasts longer without compromising its pressure level.

So, take note: 

  • You can wash it (preferably) by hand with warm water and your favorite detergent. 
  • If you choose to clean it in the washing machine, don't use a temperature higher than 30ºC/ 86ºF.
  • Avoid using fabric softener as it can compromise its elastic level/pressure.
  • Dry it outdoors, without direct Sun contact. 

That's it! 

If you think that this explanation is not clear enough, or you have a bunch of other questions that you need the answer right away, send us an email for 


Slim Coquette's Team.

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