How to pee using shapewear?

For many of us, wearing shapewear is still a novelty. But, when suddenly THE DAY arrives and you'll need to get some answers soon about: how to pee in it?! Especially if we're talking about full bodysuits with a crotch opener. 

Crotch openers can be intimidating, but fear not! We're going to demystify things so you don't stay 8h at a party without peeing (imagine if it's your wedding day!!) or wet yourself or your clothes in strange poses. 

You have two options: you can remove all your clothes to pee (if you don't feel comfortable using the crotch opening), but probably you'll be completely naked in someone else's bathroom. Or you can, in fact, use the hole manufactured for the effect.

All shapewear in full bodysuit format has an opening so you can pee. We're not going to sugar code this. It requires technique, you must know the elasticity power of your shapewear and probably it won't be very convenient sometimes. But, we're women, and that's just one more girly thing to deal with. No biggie. 

Sit comfortably in the toilet, spread wide open the crotch till it touches your inner thighs - if you want to feel more secure, you can protect the area with paper tissues and make a pee barrier - and go for it! 

Now, more than recommendations, we give you priceless advice: 

  • Use your shapewear for a few hours in your house to get familiar with the fabric, the thickness, and the easy way for you to go to the bathroom, in a familiar and comfortable place. All things controlled. 
  • Don't use a scissor on the crotch to make it wider. It can compromise the integrity of the shapewear. 
  • Don't wait till the last minute to go to the bathroom. Remember that you have more things to deal with than usual and you need to keep concentration. 

If you have more tips that you'd like to share with, please send us your tricks to 

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