Coronavirus - Is it safe to buy online from other countries?

The direct answer to this question: Yes. It is safe to order and receive at your house, packages from other parts of the globe. 

You'll not get sick from receiving a package from China, Italy, Spain, or Portugal (just to name a few). 

As we know, coronavirus is spreading worldwide. Fortunately, the effort to fight the virus and its disease COVID-19 is a team effort and we're hopeful that it will all pass soon. 

Meanwhile, it is normal to have doubts and overall questions about this new virus, it's transmission route and how we can avoid getting sick. Not only for our sake but also for our loved ones. 

According to the CDC  "there is no evidence to suggest that coronavirus has been transmitted through imported goods and packages". 

"While the virus is transmitted person-to-person through respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes, they generally don’t survive for long on surfaces. A recent study suggests that the virus can survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard. This means there is likely a very low risk of COVID-19 spreading from products or packaging that have been shipped over days or weeks at ambient temperatures."

What can you do? Implement the safety measures that we believe you already adopted. Receive your goods with gloves and/or wash your hands with running water and soap after dealing with the box and product, and wash your new shapewear before wearing it (according to what's on the tag).

Slim Coquette's Store is an exclusively online business and wants to reassure all our customers and people who follow us that it is completely safe to buy online.

As a matter of fact, during this time of social distance, this can be a good option to avoid getting out. Take time to navigate your browser, see the late trends and what people are talking about (besides the obvious). Maybe you'll get to know new and exciting brands, just like ours :). 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

Slim Coquette's Team.

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